ZCA Research and Development Center Is Approved to Conduct AHRI Product Certification Tests


ZCA Research and Development Center Is Approved to Conduct AHRI Product Certification Tests

The Research and Development Center at Zamil Central Air Conditioners
Company (ZCA) was recently evaluated and approved by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) for product certification testing at its 50 and 600 TR testing facilities.

The laboratories were approved to test Water Chilling Packages using the vapor compression cycle (air-cooled) in accordance with current AHRI Standards 550/590 and 551/591 and the Certification Operations Manual

The tests were conducted at the Dammam Second Industrial Plant facility
under the supervision of Justin Prosser of AHRI USA, accompanied by third-party inspectors from CETIAT France.

Meetings, testing and results evaluation took place within the period
July 18 – 27, 2017. The laboratories are accessible to engineers and integral to product development and the creation of customized solutions for a broad range of clients.

Mohammed Khawaldeh, director of Unitary and Applied Product units at Zamil, commented, “We are excited to announce yet another milestone for the newly built research and development center. The company views this approval as another step toward positioning Zamil Central Air Conditioners as an undisputed market leader that not only supplies high-quality products but also offers clients access to its internationally certified testing facilities.”

In addition, the laboratories at the new ZCA Research and Development Center are equipped to perform a wide range of tests under many recognized national and international standards, including AHRI 210/240, AHRI 410, AHRI 310/380, AHRI 430, AHRI 440, AHRI 340/360, ASHRAE 116, ASHRAE 37, ASHRAE 41.1, AHRI 365, ISO 5151, SASO 385, SASO 2682, UL 1995, and others.

“This achievement would not be possible without the combined efforts of ZCA Chiller Team and Lab Team who worked tirelessly day and night leading to the successful audit. The company looks forward to the next successful series of testing accreditations, positive proof of Zamil’s unrivaled technical competence as an industry leader and complete building solutions provider in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region,” Khawaldeh added.