Zamil CoolCare Launches a New Range of Transport Refrigeration


Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Co. (Zamil CoolCare) has launched the first Saudi brand of Zamil Transport Refrigeration (ZTR) units. These high-efficiency units will aid the food and pharmaceutical industries in delivering their perishable goods, keeping them at the desired temperature from the point of origin to consumers’ doorsteps.

The ZTR units come in two types, being either directly driven by the vehicle’s engine or independently by a small diesel engine, to meet the varying requirements of supply chains. They will fit a wide range of vehicles, from small vans to big trucks. They are available in both all-electric and electric standby (ES) options, protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative.

Zamil’s desire to ensure public health and safety, and the security of foods, medicines, and other perishable goods is behind the introduction of its new ZTR products. Protecting goods and reducing wastage by maintaining the precise desired temperature (down to minus 20˚C) while on the road will satisfy increasingly stringent local and international regulations on the health and safety of foods and medicines.

Coupled with Zamil’s exceptional after-sales service across Saudi Arabia, its ZTR range will better enable the cold supply chain industry to deliver fresh and frozen goods to consumers. Zamil CoolCare continuously improves its products to optimize life cycle costs and energy consumption, and to minimize emission levels.