Zamil CoolCare Launches a New Range of Air Purifiers


Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Co. (Zamil CoolCare) has launched its new range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products designed specifically to purify the air from pollutants and odors.

Its “Air Care” purifiers are offered in various sizes and feature a solid-state formaldehyde sensing technology, designed to capture ultra-fine dust and allergens and to destroy formaldehyde. They are highly efficient in reducing allergies and asthma among both children and adults. The intelligent auto-purification mode reacts to the slightest change in air quality.

The new purifiers have features such as a whole-machine HEPA standard, turbo-mode air purification, and large forward-facing fans to increase air let into the unit. The primary filter can trap large dust particles, dandruff, pollen, floatation and other pollutants, while the combined HEPA + Activated Carbon filter can remove various harmful substances from the air, such as smoke and bacteria, and has a high removal rate, high speed, and large saturated absorption capacity. The new purifiers are proven to remove up to 99.95% of bacteria and viruses from the air.

The new air purifiers are engineered to operate ultra-quietly, while maintaining their high performance. The units also feature one-touch remote control, a dual-display touch screen, Wi-Fi control through the app, a built-in ionizer, 360-degree caster wheels, a filter change indicator, sleep mode, and a child safety lock.

Zamil CoolCare is dedicated to making its customers’ lives easier, more convenient, and, ultimately, better. The new air purifiers will have a huge impact on their daily lives and on the environment.