Zamil Air Conditioners Supplies HVAC Systems to ASORC Naphtha Complex Project in Egypt


Zamil Air Conditioners has completed the supply, including start-up and commissioning work, of an assortment of air handling units and air-cooled condensing units of various capacities and sizes for the Assiut Oil Refining Company’s (ASORC’s) naphtha complex project, located in Assiut, southern Egypt.

The project, which is being executed by a consortium of major companies, aims to produce 800,000 tons annually of all octane types, and to increase butane production to meet the demand of Upper Egypt’s governorates. The $450 million project adds value to the Assiut refinery, which provides 60–65% of the petroleum products consumed by Upper Egypt and the South Valley. It aligns with Egypt’s Vision 2030 sustainable development plan to secure fuel for the local market and Upper Egypt.