Zamil Air Conditioners Launches Mobile AC Units for Healthcare Applications


Zamil Air Conditioners recently launched customized mobile air conditioning units specifically designed for healthcare applications. The newly produced units deliver high-performance cooling solutions to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, emergency rooms, pharmaceuticals, and other medical facilities. Besides their effective cooling performance, the units prevent air leakage and are fitted with a special air filtration system that helps curb the spread of diseases like COVID-19.

The units are also equipped with advanced technology for achieving optimum air quality, along with a HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency that contains moisture resistant micro-glass paper media, which can prevent microbial growth and can easily remove air contaminants, such as fine dust, smoke, vapor, soot, pollen, and bacteria. The antimicrobial flexible air ducts offer a hygienic, safe ventilation system that protects indoor air quality.

These custom-built mobile air conditioning units continue the company’s long tradition of designing and manufacturing technologically innovative, high-quality air conditioning systems.