Zamil Air Conditioners HVAC Systems Play Vital Role in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 and Other Transmittable Diseases



The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world, with the focus now having turned to preventing its spread. People around the world have been urged to avoid crowded areas and to stay home, to minimize the effect of the virus.

The circulated air inside homes and other indoor areas can contribute to the spread of microbes, such as bacteria and viruses. This highlights the role that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can play in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases.

The government is making a considerable effort to protect people and to control the spread of this virus. Zamil Air Conditioners is making its own contribution through its dependable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions for hygienic applications.

In hospitals and medical facilities, for example, good air quality is vital, to protect the staff and patients and their visitors from airborne diseases and infections, and to provide a healthy environment. Infections acquired in hospitals due to airborne transmission can be eliminated or prevented by installing a proper infection control system, a suitable air movement system, and the most appropriate purification and filtration systems.

Zamil Air Conditioners’ products and applications are designed to greatly improve the IAQ in any facility, by recirculating and cleaning air, removing viruses, bacteria and dust from circulation, and removing chemical contaminants.

Zamil Air Conditioners’ hygienic air handling units (AHUs) offer all the necessary selections, features, and controls for operation at the highest efficiency and performance. They control air cooling, heating, humidification, and filtration, air distribution, outside air supply, diffusion, dehumidification, and more. They conform to the strict hygiene requirements, based on international standards such as VDI 6022 Part 1 and DIN-1946 Part 4, in addition to mechanical and performance standards EN1886 and EN13053. They have been developed expressly to suit diverse hygienic applications—not only in hospitals and healthcare centers, but also pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, laboratories, food preparation facilities, and other places where clean air is essential.

Contact Zamil Air Conditioners for more information on integrated or independent air purification systems, filtration systems offering up to 99.995% purity, gaseous and chemical filtration systems, UV light purification systems for bacteria and viruses, and AHU energy recovery solutions suitable for hygienic applications.