Zamil Air Conditioners Completes Solar Conversion Project for SEC


Zamil Air Conditioners Completes Solar Conversion Project for SEC

Zamil Air Conditioners Company has successfully completed the pilot solar energy conversion project for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).

The project focused on replacing the conventional energy sources of the SEC HVAC east workshop with a solar plant to create a “green” building.

The handover ceremony for this unique structure was held on December 20, 2016. The capacity of the new solar plant is 5,840 kWh of energy per year. The switch to solar enables the company to reduce the building’s lighting load from 3,000 watts to 840 watts, a reduction of 72 percent, and to reduce the fan coil load from 900 watts to just 520 watts, a reduction of 42 percent.

Senior officials from SEC visited the solar plant and expressed their appreciation to the company, commending the team’s extraordinary efforts to build the small solar plant, which is capable of running the HVAC workshop on clean, eco-friendly energy. “This achievement allows Zamil Air Conditioners to prove its capability as a reliable business and technology partner, ready to provide materials and perform services that meet the diverse needs of leading national organizations like SEC,” commented Mohammed Khawaldeh, director of the Unitary and Applied Product units at Zamil.

“As companies seek not only to lower their own energy costs but to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment, we offer the materials and skilled professionals needed to make the transition as effective and efficient as possible,” he added.