Zamil Air Conditioners Supplies HVAC Systems for Oil Tank Farm Project in Egypt


Zamil Air Conditioners has recently completed the supply, including start-up and commissioning work, of 14 high-efficiency packaged units for a new crude oil tank farm project being undertaken in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The supplied HVAC systems will provide a total cooling capacity of 1,260 tons.

At a cost of more than four billion Egyptian pounds, this vital project includes the construction of 24 storage tanks in four regions in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, with about six tanks in each region. Each tank measures 110 meters in diameter and 21.8 meters in height.

It is expected that the quantity of crude oil stored in the 24 tanks will reach about 26.4 million barrels, which makes it the largest crude oil storage project in Egypt. This will enable the country to store crude oil in the largest possible quantities, in line with its plans to provide a strategic stock of all commodities, including crude oil, and supporting Egypt’s national goal to transform itself into a regional center for energy trade and circulation.