Research & Development

Zamil Air Conditioners boasts of a state-of-the-art testing facility – Ikhtebar, which is a third party air conditioner testing facility and Research and Development Center (ZRDC), the first independent laboratory for testing climate control solutions in the Middle East. Both were built by Intertek Testing Services (ITS) and certified by Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL). Equipped to perform a wide range of tests under many recognized local and international standards including: AHRI 210/240; AHRI 410; AHRI 310/380; AHRI 430; AHRI 440; AHRI 340/360; ASHRAE 116; ASHRAE 37; ASHRAE 41.1; AHRI 365; ISO 5151; SASO 385; SASO 2682; UL 1995 and AHRI 550/590.


  • Performance test of whole range of air conditioners – consumer as well as commercial, in capacities from ½ TR to 600 TR
  • Support research and development initiatives through implementation of state of the art computational programs.
  • Test products for conformance to local and international certifications and standards such as SASO, ARI, UL, AHAM etc.


  • Calorimetric Test Rooms
  • Psychrometric Test Rooms
  • Chiller Test Facility
  • Sound Lab
  • Reliability Test Facility