Performance Testing at New ZCA Research and Development Center Yields Excellent Results


Performance Testing at New ZCA Research and Development Center Yields Excellent Results

Zamil Central Air Conditioners Co. (ZCA) is proud to announce that its air-cooled ASC400 Screw Chiller unit (under OE# 9389) and Modular Packaged AC unit (PCH040) have successfully completed a series of rigorous performance tests with highly remarkable results.


Project The testing of the ASC400 Screw Chiller, held on May 6, 2017 at the new ZCA Research and Development Center, was conducted in the presence of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) consultant and a customer representative. During the event, the customer requested to see the results when the unit was pushed to operate at 130°F ambient temperature.

The chiller unit operated without lapses, displaying remarkable performance. The chiller passed the tests under severe actual conditions from 115°F up to 130°F ambient temperatures. Upon witnessing the strict compliance tests, the customer and the consultant expressed their confidence in Zamil products and facilities and the capacity of the product to perform at variable conditions beyond the original design specifications.

SEC Project 

In related developments, the company’s Modular Packaged AC unit (PCH040) was also tested at the new Center, in accordance with AHRI standard 340/360, also yielding excellent results. The performance tests were witnessed by representatives from Saudi Electricity Company, who eagerly expressed their satisfaction with and approval of both the unit performance and the testing facility. This was particularly significant since the product tests and audit of the new Lab satisfied a conditional statement for the approval of Zamil products and the release of on-hold projects.


The Laboratories at the new ZCA Research and Development Center are equipped to perform a wide range of tests under many recognized national and international standards, including: AHRI 210/240; AHRI 410; AHRI 310/380; AHRI 430; AHRI 440; AHRI 340/360; ASHRAE 116; ASHRAE 37; ASHRAE 41.1; AHRI 365; ISO 5151; SASO 385; SASO 2682; UL 1995; and AHRI 550/590, among others. All sensors at the Lab were calibrated by Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, since January 2017. The Lab team is currently working to attain further accreditation from AHRI and ISO 17025, in order to expand its range of services and the marketing team is in the process of furnishing art works for the new facility.

During the period from February to June of 2017, ZCA conducted five successful tests in the Labs, and received five appreciation letters, respectively, from the clients and auditors. The new testing facility is readily accessible to engineers, who can use it to achieve their product development goals and to build more competitive and effective strategies based on
customer requirements.

Thanks to all the ZCA team members involved in the process for their hard work and commitment in successfully completing the tests and audit. More importantly, for following our company’s vision to become the leader in AC
testing laboratories and the region’s preferred AC testing services provider based upon reliable, timely service delivery