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Zamil Air Conditioners, a sector business of Zamil Industrial Investment Company "Zamil Industrial" and the leading international manufacturer and service provider of air conditioning systems in the Middle East, has announced that the company has registered its new ResisTec® trademark for high quality anti-corrosion coating created specifically for HVAC products and components. The name is owned by Zamil and registered internationally.

Zamil Air Conditioners developed ResisTec® anti-corrosion coating to help reduce life cycle costs, minimize HVAC depreciation, and provide customers with the option to choose high quality products and services that help them to substantially produce a healthier bottom line. The innovative ResisTec® technology protects HVAC equipments from corrosion and deterioration. It has been developed specifically to lengthen the product life cycle and to avoid equipment failure, especially under various tough climate conditions.

ResisTec® anti-corrosion Coatings can be applied to all air-conditioning components; coils, panels, drain pans, etc... it can be done at Zamil Air Conditioners factories or on site for refurbishment purposes. ResisTec® Coil coating will be standard on all Zamil Air Conditioners units, with additional products offered as affordable options.

The new ResisTec® anti-corrosion coatings represent just one part of a total Zamil Air Conditioners system-care scenario that also includes quality equipment designs and responsible maintenance. The addition of ResisTec® anti corrosion coating protects against diminishing performance and HVAC system failure for a longer period of time