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Our Profile

Company Business

Zamil Air Conditioners was founded in 1974 as one of the first air conditioning companies to be established in Saudi Arabia and today is a leading international manufacturer of air conditioning systems and is Number One in the Middle East.

Zamil Air conditioners manufactures both consumer and central air conditioners and has sales operations in over 55 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The company's operations are structured into four Strategic Business Units (SBUs) supporting five in-house product and service brands as well as a number of international brands under the OEM sales.

The five in-house brands are Classic, Cooline, CoolCare, Clima Tech, and Geoclima.

The four SBUs are

  • Consumer Business Unit supporting Classic, Cooline, GE and OEM brands for consumers
  • Unitary & Applied Business Unit supporting Zamil, Cooline, GE and OEM brands for commercial and industrial customers.
  • Zamil CoolCare Business Unit providing industrial, electro mechanical contracting services, HVAC maintenance, retrofit & operation services and parts.
  • Geoclima srl is an independent business supporting other SBUs for their requirements of chillers & double skin AHU's.

The first three SBUs - Consumer Products, Unitary & Applied Products and CoolCare direct their business operations from the corporate headquarters in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Geoclima has its engineering & production operations located at Monfalcone, Italy and has a design center in Austria.

All the four SBUs, while operating independently, supplement each other's activities in a way that makes synergy work at its best and achieve the corporate goals of maximizing customer satisfaction.


Factories and Productions

Zamil Air Conditioners has two manufacturing plants in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and has one specialty production facility in Italy operated by Geoclima.

The company can produce up to 550,000 Room Air Conditioners, 300,000 Mini-Split systems and 50,000 Central Air Conditioning systems per year.


Quality & Product Certificates

The Quality systems and policies at Zamil Air Conditioners comply with the required ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Zamil Air Conditioners is the first company in Saudi Arabia to receive the SASO (Saudi Arabia's Standard Organization) Certificate for Room Air Conditioners. ZAC's products are also certified with:

  • CE (Council of European Community)
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratory)
  • Eurovent (Certified Performance)
  • ETL (Test Facilities)
  • SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization)
  • ISO 9001:2008 (International Organization for Standardization)
  • ASME (American Quality of Mechanical Engineers)
  • Other awards include the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award of General Electric and the inaugural Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Al Saud Award for Factory Safety.

Other awards include the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award of General Electric and the inaugural Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Al Saud Award for Factory Safety.


Our Products

In addition to the consumer products such as the Room Air Conditioners (RAC) and the Mini Splits, Zamil Air Conditioners manufacturers a host of residential, commercial and industrial air conditioners. This broad range extends from the Concealed Units up to 5 TR , the Ducted Splits up to 30 TR, the Packaged Units up to 95 TR, the Single and Double Skin Air Handling Units up to 138,316 CFM and the Water Chillers up to 600 TR cooling capacity. In addition, centrifugal chillers - powered by MHI compressors - are available up to 5,000 TR.