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Zamil CoolCare has the following product (service) offerings
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Replacement, Retrofitting and Upgrades
  • Large Tonnage chiller Services
  • Compressor Rebuilding / Repair Facility
  • Air & Water Testing Adjusting Balancing
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings
  • Spare Parts
  • After Sales service / warranty services
  • Breakdown call services
  • Duct Cleaning Services (we are launching an industrial and commercial duct cleaning service within short period and we are already a member of NADCA International and Zamil CoolCare name is already published in their website as pasted below).
  • Building Management Services (BMS)
Planned Preventive Maintenance Programs

Prevention is better than cure; programs designed for those companies or individuals who take on a pro-active approach.

We have a range of preventive maintenance contract schemes, designed to ensure longevity. optimum performance with reduced cooling costs and safe operation of your air-conditioning equipment.

Efficient and proved preventive maintenance program for your HVAC systems, enhance performance with optimum operating condition at less energy cost. This program also will minimize breakdown and extend your equipment’s life.

We have a range of preventive maintenance programs designed to suit variety of requirement in industrial, commercial, residential, special applications, etc. regardless of brand and capacity, at any facility including priority emergency call out services with or without dedicated manpower round the clock.

The famous proverb “Prevention is better than cure.” is truly proving in the case of HVAC PM Service by minimizing breakdowns and its expensive repairs.

Want total peace of mind? Contact us for details.


Replacement, Retrofitting and Upgrades

Are you looking for a company which has expertise in providing specialized services like:

  • Replace your old, non performing air conditioning unit?
  • Retrofit the old system with new upgraded, state-of-the-art control system?
  • Refurbish your air conditioning unit to extend its life?
    Zamil CoolCare has the capacity, expertise, resources & highly professional, skilled man power to carry out all of the above.

    This specialized service is offered for all types of system, be it Residential, Commercial such as offices, shopping complexes, malls etc, industrial such as Petrochemical, Power generation, sub stations, Process Cooling etc.

    Contact us for a new lease on life for your older equipment.  And, here's a happy tip.  Usually, our on-the-site evaluation and inspection may be provided at no charge.

Large Tonnage Chiller Services

Are you looking for a company specialized in servicing large tonnage chillers?

 Contact us for any assistance you are looking for. We at Zamil CoolCare provide professional services which include refurbishing the large capacity chillers & also retrofitting with ozone friendly refrigerant.

Compressor Rebuilding / Repair Facility

Do you have a major break down of your large capacity compressor whose replacement cost is prohibitive?

Contact us as we will be able to assist you in bringing down your cost by proposing to rebuild or repair your compressor. We at Zamil CoolCare have a large, well equipped compressor repair facility where we carry out repairs of all kinds of large, Semi hermetic or Screw compressors.

Your service calls will be attended by our well trained service professional.


Air & Water Testing Adjusting Balancing

TAB is a mandatory activity of any air conditioning plant to ensure that the installed capacity of the air conditioning system meets the design requirements such as cooling capacity, air & water flow etc. Zamil CoolCare is one of the very few companies in the region, certified by NEBB to carry out the TAB activities. We have a highly qualified engineers, technicians & supporting staff equipped with state of the art instruments. The TAB team is well trained in meeting the high industry standards.

Please Contact us for more details.

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Saudi Arabia is known for its harsh climatic condition which is compounded by the prevailing saline, corrosive weather in the coastal region. The heat exchangers particularly the air cooled condensers are highly prone to severe corrosion whereby reducing the efficiency which in turn results in inadequate cooling capacity & higher power consumption. “Thermoguard” anti corrosive coating offered by Zamil CoolCare is an economic solution. The Corrosion Resistant Coating is of high quality & is quite dependable.

Please Contact us for more details.

Spare Parts

The Spare Parts division of Zamil CoolCare is your partner in ensuring the selection of only original, genuine and high quality parts for your equipment. Our well stocked stores are computer linked to international manufacturers to ensure that disruption is backed by a team of engineers, experienced in the delivery of unbeatable customer support.

Through our alliance with world renowned manufacturing companies like Emerson Climate Technologies, Tecumseh, Manueurop, Sanyo and General Electric, Zamil CoolCare offers a complete range of brands for compressors, motors and HVAC parts to major clients such as Saudi Aramco, SEC, the Royal Commission, SABIC, ministry of Defense and Aviation, among others.

Through our Spares Parts Division we can continue to support your operations with a Total Spare Parts Supply of ANY BRAND of HVAC. Our experience of, and long established relationships with, a variety of manufacturers enable us to offer a wide range of new and direct equivalent replacement equipment and spares at competitive prices.

This Division is a one stop shop for all HVAC spare parts requirements. We caters to a very wide market ranging from window units to large central plant chilled water systems. With numerous showroom  facilities and a full-fledged warehouse  to deliver first class service.

After Sales service / warranty services

Zamil CoolCare offer comprehensive after sales service / warranty service for all Zamil air-conditioning products. We have the record of the fastest response for each and every warranty calls made. We also offer after sales service like installation assistance, start-up and commissioning, rectification of occasional damages during transportation / rigging, etc.

Breakdown Call Services

Zamil CoolCare offer specialized breakdown call services for all type of HVAC units, regardless of type, brand and capacity. We also offer 24 hrs. emergency breakdown service for our regular customers.

Duct Cleaning Services

Zamil CoolCare provides excellent duct cleaning services with trained duct cleaning specialists with fully equipped mobile services for commercial and industrial facility.

We are a member of NADCA and our supervisors and staff are trained and certified by NADCA.

Building Management Services

Zamil BMS offers comprehensive solutions for the total operation of HVAC control systems. We have a complete range and integrated systems for building management covering all kinds of devices such as temperature, humidity, pressure, valves, actuators, controllers, etc. Whether simple or complex, we offer optimized and customized solutions for HVAC control systems including power and control panels for non classified and classified areas.

We offer our customers with package of design, supply, installations and testing and commissioning of low voltage and current for HVAC systems in buildings/industrial projects.

Contact us for reliable and energy efficient Building Automation control system.