Zamil Air Conditioners Appointed Exclusive Distributor for Samsung VRF Air Conditioning Systems in Saudi Arabia


As a continuation of its leadership in the HVAC industry in the Middle East region, Zamil Air Conditioners has signed an agreement with Samsung Electronics to be their exclusive distributor of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With advanced technology and a wide range of capacities, Samsung’s VRF systems are a smart solution for buildings that demand higher efficiency, individualized control, and installation flexibility, like high-rise apartment blocks and small commercial buildings. They are known for their flexible design, premium comfort, and superior performance that help save energy, ensure sustainability and simplify maintenance.

Zamil Air Conditioners Supplies HVAC Systems to the Social Welfare Complex in Bahrain


Zamil Air Conditioners recently supplied HVAC systems and equipment to the Social Welfare Complex, owned by Bahrain’s Ministry of Labor and Social Development and located in Hamad Town in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The scope of work included the supply, testing, and commissioning of 17 high-efficiency packaged units, 28 air handling units, 12 double-skin air handling units, and two concealed ducted split fan coil units. The supplied HVAC systems will provide a total cooling capacity of approximately 600 refrigeration tons for the Complex’s buildings and facilities.

The Complex, spread over a built-up area of more than 37,670 square meters, aims to provide superior social welfare services in the psychological, recreational, and health care categories. It provides social welfare centers and temporary shelters for the development of Bahraini society.

Zamil Central Air Conditioners Earns Coveted TÜV SÜD Certification


Zamil Central Air Conditioners Company has received TÜV SÜD certification for its Double-Skin Air Handling Units – Hygienic Design Range (TWH) series products based on the positive results of completed tests demonstrating compliance with the certification program’s requirements. TÜV SÜD conducted an onsite audit and a detailed data assessment.

TÜV SÜD is an internationally recognized independent third-party validation organization with expertise in European Union (EU) requirements and expectations. The TÜV SÜD certification mark indicates that Zamil Central Air Conditioners products comply with the highest available international standards of performance, durability, and safety.

Zamil Air Conditioners at Real Estate Development Summit in Dubai


Zamil Air Conditioners Company participated as a Bronze Sponsor in the 9th edition of the Real Estate Development Summit – Middle East, which was held on November 24 and 25, 2021, at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

The summit aimed to leverage customizable solutions for each and every stakeholder in the real estate industry. It was a meeting of key real estate companies in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. These companies, with current and forthcoming projects in the residential, commercial, mixed-use and hospitality sectors, explored business opportunities and deal-making strategies with solution providers from across the world.

At the summit there were numerous face-to-face meetings, networking events, extensive branding, and impactful knowledge sessions organized with a stringent selection process and intelligent design. It provided a platform where attendees could engage and interact with each other, exchanging views and knowledge about problems related to the industry. It also aimed to create opportunities for all attendees to benefit from customizable solutions in various capacities.

Zamil CoolCare Launches a New Range of Transport Refrigeration


Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Co. (Zamil CoolCare) has launched the first Saudi brand of Zamil Transport Refrigeration (ZTR) units. These high-efficiency units will aid the food and pharmaceutical industries in delivering their perishable goods, keeping them at the desired temperature from the point of origin to consumers’ doorsteps.

The ZTR units come in two types, being either directly driven by the vehicle’s engine or independently by a small diesel engine, to meet the varying requirements of supply chains. They will fit a wide range of vehicles, from small vans to big trucks. They are available in both all-electric and electric standby (ES) options, protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative.

Zamil’s desire to ensure public health and safety, and the security of foods, medicines, and other perishable goods is behind the introduction of its new ZTR products. Protecting goods and reducing wastage by maintaining the precise desired temperature (down to minus 20˚C) while on the road will satisfy increasingly stringent local and international regulations on the health and safety of foods and medicines.

Coupled with Zamil’s exceptional after-sales service across Saudi Arabia, its ZTR range will better enable the cold supply chain industry to deliver fresh and frozen goods to consumers. Zamil CoolCare continuously improves its products to optimize life cycle costs and energy consumption, and to minimize emission levels.

Zamil Air Conditioners Sponsors Community Care Event


Zamil Air Conditioners Company has sponsored a ceremony honoring healthcare professionals working on the front lines to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The honoring ceremony was held on Sunday, October 31, 2021 at the headquarters of the “Tataman” clinic, part of the Dammam Health Network of the Saudi Ministry of Health. It was held in the light of the containment of the pandemic, and in recognition of the great efforts of the heroes confronting it.

Zamil Air Conditioners’ sponsorship comes within the framework of the strong community partnership between governmental and private institutions. It is made in appreciation of the male and female citizens who made distinguished and sincere efforts in serving infected patients and those suspected of being infected, and providing them with healthcare services.

Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Wins Contract for the Four Seasons Hotel in Jeddah


Zamil Projects, a business unit of Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Co. Ltd., has been awarded a new contract by the Midad Real Estate Investment & Development Company.

The scope of the contract includes the supply and installation of MEP works and skybridges steel structure for the Four Seasons Hotel project in Jeddah, in the western region of Saudi Arabia.

The project is a fast-track, multicomponent undertaking with complex safety and security requirements. It will require an extraordinary level of attention to detail, in addition to the special lifting requirements for the erection of steel skybridges at a height of 120 meters.

On a plot area of 18,812 square meters, the iconic building is located in an idyllic spot on the corner of Sari Street and Abdulrahman Fakieh Street. It lies within the Al-Shate’e area in Jeddah. The 137-meter high hotel resembles twin gateways on top of a podium. Its height, multifaceted elevations, and angled massing make the design unique and distinguished.

Zamil Air Conditioners Awarded SAR 44,1 Million Contract to Supply Air Conditioning Systems for the Ministry of Education Schools in Saudi Arabia


Zamil Air Conditioners & Home Appliances Company, a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Co. (Zamil Industrial), has been awarded a contract worth SAR 44,1 million by Tatweer Buildings Company to manufacture and supply more than 13,570 air conditioning systems of diverse sizes and refrigerating capacities for schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education in the various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The contract is in line with the call to support national industries and local products. The contract is expected to have a positive impact on the company’s financial results for the year 2021.

Zamil Air Conditioners has been a leading provider of quality HVAC systems and solutions in the Gulf region and throughout the Middle East and worldwide for nearly five decades. The company, which has grown to attain global status, specializes in the engineering, manufacture, installation, repair, and maintenance of an extensive range of products, including a variety of packaged units, chillers, and room air conditioners designed to meet the climate control needs of virtually every type of customer.

Zamil CoolCare Launches a New Range of Air Purifiers


Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Co. (Zamil CoolCare) has launched its new range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products designed specifically to purify the air from pollutants and odors.

Its “Air Care” purifiers are offered in various sizes and feature a solid-state formaldehyde sensing technology, designed to capture ultra-fine dust and allergens and to destroy formaldehyde. They are highly efficient in reducing allergies and asthma among both children and adults. The intelligent auto-purification mode reacts to the slightest change in air quality.

The new purifiers have features such as a whole-machine HEPA standard, turbo-mode air purification, and large forward-facing fans to increase air let into the unit. The primary filter can trap large dust particles, dandruff, pollen, floatation and other pollutants, while the combined HEPA + Activated Carbon filter can remove various harmful substances from the air, such as smoke and bacteria, and has a high removal rate, high speed, and large saturated absorption capacity. The new purifiers are proven to remove up to 99.95% of bacteria and viruses from the air.

The new air purifiers are engineered to operate ultra-quietly, while maintaining their high performance. The units also feature one-touch remote control, a dual-display touch screen, Wi-Fi control through the app, a built-in ionizer, 360-degree caster wheels, a filter change indicator, sleep mode, and a child safety lock.

Zamil CoolCare is dedicated to making its customers’ lives easier, more convenient, and, ultimately, better. The new air purifiers will have a huge impact on their daily lives and on the environment.

Zamil Air Conditioners Supplies HVAC Systems for Oil Tank Farm Project in Egypt


Zamil Air Conditioners has recently completed the supply, including start-up and commissioning work, of 14 high-efficiency packaged units for a new crude oil tank farm project being undertaken in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The supplied HVAC systems will provide a total cooling capacity of 1,260 tons.

At a cost of more than four billion Egyptian pounds, this vital project includes the construction of 24 storage tanks in four regions in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, with about six tanks in each region. Each tank measures 110 meters in diameter and 21.8 meters in height.

It is expected that the quantity of crude oil stored in the 24 tanks will reach about 26.4 million barrels, which makes it the largest crude oil storage project in Egypt. This will enable the country to store crude oil in the largest possible quantities, in line with its plans to provide a strategic stock of all commodities, including crude oil, and supporting Egypt’s national goal to transform itself into a regional center for energy trade and circulation.

Zamil Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services Company Signs MoU with the College of Technology in Dammam


Zamil Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services Co. Ltd. has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Technical College in Dammam to activate cooperation between the company and the college to offer the college’s students the opportunity to join the company after their graduation through a direct employment program, with opportunities likely to be available in the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning, mechanical technology, electrical technology, and welding.

Under the agreement, Zamil Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services will provide job opportunities for graduates of the College of Technology when needed, and will announce the programs and jobs available in the company directly to the college so that the graduates can learn about employment opportunities in the company and see how the company is contributing to employment in the local job market. In addition, the company will conduct job interviews with applicants and evaluate them, and even follow up by signing employment contracts with the successful college graduates. The company will also participate in future forums, seminars, career days, and exhibitions organized by the college.

Established in 1986, Dammam College of Technology is a government technical college situated in Dammam, eastern Saudi Arabia. To prepare students for their eventual careers, the college focuses primarily on technical and vocational training. It is one of the technical colleges regulated by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), the kingdom’s government training provider.

The college offers a variety of degree programs as part of its aim to be the leader in providing technical training in the kingdom. It has built up a high-quality training environment that produces qualified graduates equipped to join the labor market and make an immediate contribution. It also seeks to attract technical personnel and qualify them to be able to perform essential work in the various technical fields that play a prominent role in supporting the national economy.

Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Awarded HVAC Maintenance Contract for Saudi Electricity Company’s Substations in the Western Region


Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Co. Ltd. (Zamil CoolCare) has been awarded a three-year contract by the National Grid SA company for the maintenance and repair of HVAC systems at the Saudi Electricity Company’s substations in the western region of Saudi Arabia.

Under the agreement, Zamil CoolCare will handle the HVAC systems’ maintenance and repair of National Grid substations in the Western Operation Area (WOA).

National Grid SA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Saudi Electricity Company. It plans, designs, develops, operates, and maintains the electricity transmission grid across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It makes use of the highest global standards and best practices to deliver reliable and cost-effective services to its customers. Its transmission network spans more than 86,000 circuit kilometers and covers more than 13,000 cities, towns, villages, and communities across the Kingdom.

Zamil Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services is a key provider of products and services in Saudi Arabia’s industrial expansion. It specializes in designing custom solutions for all types of complex operations. It is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of its clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.