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Press Releases

Geoclima Wins Barclay's Bank Data Center Project 05-20-2010

Geoclima, a strategic business unit of Zamil Air Conditioners and the leading Italian manufacturer of air conditioning systems, has announced that the company is the winner of a prestigious new project — the Dart Data Center at Slough, owned by Barclay’s Bank and located in Berkshire, England.

After one year of intense design activities and negotiations, Geoclima bested Emerson chillers, specified in the original tender, to win the contract. The agreement calls for Geoclima to supply and install five Turbomiser chillers of 1400kw, each equipped with a special free cooling refrigerant pump and designed to operate at an exceptionally low noise level. A further extension of the contract for another seven chillers is expected by the end of this year.

The preparatory work at this site included an environmental noise survey to determine proposed noise limits. Current proposals to meet those limits include the installation of an enclosure around the chiller and loadbank units with evase penetrations at the top and a louvered opening at the base. Assessments have established the noise attenuation requirements for the evase and enclosure louvered opening arrangements.

On the basis of the attenuation requirements specified, the predicted chiller noise levels meet the night noise criteria, considered to be the most critical requirement. The daytime levels are within 2.5 dB of the requirement, and are also considered to be acceptable. To ensure the day and night time noise levels, individual transformer room discharge fan sound power levels will not exceed Lw 74 dBA and transformers Lw 64 dBA.

The predicted loadbank noise contributions are comparable to daytime ambient noise levels. Considering the managed operation of the loadbanks in comparison to other items of the plant, these levels are also acceptable.

No additional attenuation is required for the remote radiators. The generator inlet/discharge louver will be limited to a sound power level of 92 dBA, which can be achieved with1500m long attenuators as is currently proposed. The exhaust need to be limited to LAeq 80 dB at 1m.

The generator room cladding will provide sound insulation of Rw 45 dB, which will be achieved by a lightweight cladding with an internal plasterboard lining.

In related developments, Geoclima, along its distributors in the UK, received a CIBSE Low Carbon Performance Award 2010 for its Turbomiser chiller. At the February 3 ceremony, the Turbomiser was recognized as the winner in the category of Product Innovation of the Year, designating it as the most efficient HFC-based chiller in the world. Geoclima proudly accepted this award, presented after the Turbomiser completed a rigorous program of testing and evaluation against a long list of major international vendors.


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